The Head, Heart, and Hand of Design

In October, Kerri and Cat of the PDC team traveled to Minneapolis for the bi-annual AIGA conference. This year’s conference theme explored the three core elements of modern design practice:

Head: Design thinking and strategy
Heart: Design for social impact
Hand: Design as craft

Each presenter shared their personal percentage breakdown of how much thought, passion, and talent they put into their design work. These percentage breakdowns ranged across the board, from 33.33% | 33.33% | 33.33% to 0% | 100% | 0%. The presentations left us inspired and fully “nerded-out” on design blogs and font faux pas. During our travels back to DC, we thought about what our design breakdown would be. However, we immediately found ourselves unsuccessful. There is no rational explanation of how PDC could put any less than 100% into each category. We have an exceptional amount of heart, but how could we justify taking away from our thought process or design ability?

We concluded that a designer’s head, heart, and hand cannot be a solid percentage breakdown but an ever-changing process, adapting to each project, each client, and each day. The success lies finding the balance and creating a flow between head, heart, and hand that suits everyone.

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Kerri Sarembock

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