Creating Brands with Taste

Everyone loves a brand identity they can feast their eyes on, interact with, and relate to. Look at the most successful brands in the world: Amazon has that irresistible smile on the side of each package; Starbucks pays thorough attention to their communities; and Target delivers high design at low prices. Overall, these brands satisfy.

So, let’s imagine branding in terms of food. If properly prepared with the best ingredients and methods, you can create something that surprises the palette, nourishes the body, and is instantly memorable. If lacking in the aforementioned areas, it can become tasteless, vapid, and unmemorable. And like every complex recipe, building a successful result takes clear direction, the proper contents, and a passion for excellence. Successful brands go beyond a beautiful cake or hours-braised short ribs; it’s success lies in the cycle, where the delivery process, the attentiveness paid, and the quality of the product shine. Through interaction with brands, audiences can become invested on an emotional level, much like a satisfied diner after a great meal. A brand identity is an open invitation to their emotional investment, so much so, that changing an established brand can become quite uncomfortable among fans, consumers, and employees.

Branding also extends beyond the individual and into communities. How a company or organization interacts and builds relationships with the community can be a direct result in success and push towards a thriving environment. An example of such community involvement centers around New York City’s initiative for healthier communities. Project Design Company has been provided the distinct pleasure to work on the branding initiative for The Partnership for a Healthier New York City, an organization comprised of Borough Lead Organizations, created to educate and support community members to get involved in changing the social environment to improve healthy eating, active living, tobacco-free living, and excessive and underage alcohol consumption.

Our aim is to create a brand that speaks the languages of the boroughs, that is a friend, and also a leader. The brand will be made with the perfect recipe, great ingredients, and a healthy choice for New Yorkers. Their investment in and satisfaction with the brand will ultimately empower members to change their communities for the better and pave the way for healthier choices, all while completing the brand cycle.


Ashley Bullard

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