Paying It Forward


The soft tweets from the back of the studio were not initially alarming. Adams Morgan is a vibrant community full of city melodies, so new noises are generally dismissed. Only when the tweets grew in volume did our curiosity spark.

Peeking in the back window screen was a colorful little parrot calling out. Imagine our surprise! We squealed with excitement as she skimmed our hairlines, finding comfort on a monitor. As we congratulated each other for our bravery, the realization of mystery set in. Whose bird was this? How long had she been there? Where do we keep her?

We knew the business downstairs kept birds, and after sharing our story, they graciously granted our new friend a home for the evening. A Craiglist ad was posted and the story was shared through social media, leading to a hopeful email in our inbox:

“Coco flew out of my apt in Adams Morgan yesterday at about 1pm and I’ve got flyers up around the area. Please call me anytime day or night.”

We had found the owner. And our little friends’ name was Coco.

With cage in tow, Janet arrived at the studio with tears in her eyes. Coco flew to her and the two were happily reunited. Before leaving, Janet handed us a thank you card and explained that she was offering a significant reward for her pet’s safe return. We politely declined as the true gift was watching Janet and Coco reunite. With her insistence, we decided to accept and pay it forward.

We will be splitting the award as donations in honor of Coco to the following organizations:

If you want to join our effort to pay it forward, please consider donating to one or all of these organizations. The day we met Coco and Janet won’t be forgotten. That little green-cheeked conure brought unexpected joy to us. And now, she will continue to provide the same throughout the DC community.


Ashley Bullard

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