Review It or Lose It:Why Usability Review is a Good Investment


Everyone with a website wants their users to have a good experience. But the majority of website owners have never asked their users if they in fact had a good experience.

Given there can be any degree of inherent disconnects in the web experience process, it makes sense that you want to know what works and what doesn’t. One way is to test users, but if you can’t invest in a full testing process, we suggest usability reviews as a cost effective way to get an accurate and worthwhile read on what is happening with your site and what you can fix to make it even better.

Daniel Vickers, our usability partner at Flux Forward, shares a quick overview of how a Usability Review (UR) works and helps:

“In our UR process, two experts conduct an analysis of your website’s framework, interface and interaction. We use a set of ten established Usability Principles to look for problems that might frustrate users and prevent them from completing important tasks and fully utilizing the site. For each usability issue we find, we indicate which of these principles have been violated. We also indicate a severity on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being cosmetic and 4 being catastrophic.”


Analysis—You receive a detailed report of all issues found throughout the site by section, along with graphs showing the average severity and number of heuristics violated.

Prioritization—The report also contains high level recommendations for improving the site. This provides a way to strategically assign resources, money and time by prioritizing items of higher urgency allowing for iterative improvement.

Happy Users—The results of implementation can be an improved user engagement, insurance for brand loyalty, and the possibility to increase revenue.

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Written by Dan Banks

Dan Banks

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