See and Be Scene: Get Noticed Using Visual Marketing


For the past decade, many businesses have opted to stay on the sidelines as social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have brought online marketing to the forefront of advertising. This shift in online marketing means businesses must now get on the field and establish a strong online presence by using more than just an occasional tweet or status update. Businesses must now use visual marketing through social media in order to become key players in today’s marketing game.

I visited Digital East’s digital marketing conference last week and learned the importance of using visual marketing through social media. According to speaker Kevin Dando, Director of Digital Marketing at PBS, Facebook photos are “liked” twice as often as Facebook text updates. Currently, photo and video posts on Pinterest now bring in more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Why? Because today’s fast-paced, visual society has no time to read visually uninteresting text updates.

We suggest that businesses and organizations we work with integrate the visual into their social media updates. Post pictures of current projects, tweet office photos, and—most importantly—expand social media usage to include visually based social networking platforms such as Pinterest.

With Pinterest, you can:

  • Go beyond pinning pictures that inspire you; pin pictures that describe you. Think of these visual networking sites as a way of building mini portfolios to engage current and future clients.
  • Create a mood board in Pinterest that captures the desired aesthetic for a project. This is a great tool to communicate your design vision to your design firm.
  • Dive into pin boards and soak in the creativity if you’re feeling uninspired for an approaching design project.

Through expanding social media usage from merely the occasional tweet or status update, and integrating the visual into social media, businesses can better communicate their brand to their audiences and their vision to their designers while getting the inspiration they crave. Join Pinterest, check out our boards, and start your own! (Be sure to site your sources!)

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